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GDPR: Update February 2021


Dear customer,


As part of our GDPR related communications commitment and planning, we are happy to send you CVWarehouse's February 2021 GDPR Update.


Incident reports & accomplishments

Since our last communication in September 2020, and until the date of this communication, CVWarehouse has zero data breach (or any other kind of) incidents to report.


Relevant documentation

Our Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) document wasn't changed since our last communication. The latest version of this document is available for download at your convenience on our help desk portal, or directly through this link (an active ATS login is required).


CVWarehouse continues to be fully available if your organization has any questions or requires further information, inviting you to reach us at or through our DPO (


CVWarehouse will continue to release GDPR updates periodically or when necessary.



Best regards,


The CVWarehouse Team




You received this e-mail as you are an administrator or DPO for your company's CVWarehouse database. If you want these mails to be sent to your company's DPO in the future too if that's not yet the case, then you can set up the e-mail address of your DPO in your CVWarehouse tool. For more information on how to do this, click here.

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